More about the film:

This is a story created by Emma Friedeman.

Since Aviva can remember, she canít get along very well with her mother. No matter how hard she tries, her mother keeps on rejecting her own daughter for no apparent reason at all.
Just a few days before her 16th birthday, she learns that she has a grandmother Ė with whom Avivaís mother doesnít seem to get along very well either - whom she never even knew existed. Much against her motherís will, Aviva goes to visit this newly discovered family member of her. Secretly Aviva hopes that her grandmother would tell her all about her motherís behaviour. But that does not seem to happen so easily.
Her grandmother is a very closed person and likes to keep her feelings to herself. She does however insist that whatever happened, had nothing to do with Aviva. To make matters even more complicated, Aviva finds an old suitcase in the attic filled with pictures of a girl who looks exactly like her!
Together with her friend Libby, she decides to finally discover the truth about herself and her motherís past.
Is Aviva who she always thought she was?
Is her mother her real mother?
Who is the girl in the pictures?

Come and see for yourself en discover together with Aviva the truth about herself!