About the director Emma Friedeman:

At the age of 6, Emma already did her own acting around the house. She was very active for her age, and using her younger sister -much against her will - put on a play every week to show to their parents. In those plays, Emma starred as writer, director, producer and she always had the main part!

At school plays, Emma was “helping” others by telling them how they should play their roles. To whoever wanted to listen (and even those who didn’t want to ) Emma would always say: someday I’m going to be a big director! And her dreams came true.

On her last year in high school, the class had to collect money for a field trip. Emma decided to produce a short film with local kids as the stars and showed it to their parents. The class went on the field trip, but Emma was the happiest of them all because she had fulfilled her dreams!

As a young Jewish woman, now all Emma wanted was to produce a movie that stood up to the strict Jewish norms. Three years later – 2007- she finished her second movie, wrote and directed it.

She is very very happy with the result and hopes that you too will enjoy as much she did making it.